Safari nurkowe na Malediwach

Enjoy an amazing cruise combined with diving in the Maldives.

Maldives belong to the top of the top dive sites in the world. It is famous primarily for the wonderful islands and atolls that form into amazing archipelagos.
Maldives is an island state located in the Indian Ocean below India and Sri Lanka. The area of Maldives is 1'200 islands, of which only 200 are inhabited.

This charming place, beyond the wonderful views above the water mirror, is hidden by the amazing underwater world. There are huge fish gatherings there. Flocks of manta, whale sharks, crabs, lobsters. There are places that are named Manta Pint, in which you can always see them. Whale sharks eagerly bask in shallow waters. You can visit them during diving and snorkeling.
In a word, this is a place that you absolutely must visit !!
I plan a diving trip for people from OWD to advanced level.

We're going to Maldives on the luxury Adora boat. All cabins are air-conditioned and equipped in a modern style. The boat was built in 2014, is 32m long and 10 wide. Adora during the safari will be for us a base of living / sitting. Diving will take place from the smaller boat of the Donka, where the diving equipment and compressors are stored. During the rest, the diving boat will be drained while filling the cylinder for less noise and greater comfort of guests :) In the diving safari plan we have 6 diving days, 7 days on the boat. Shortly after landing from the airport we head for a diving boat. After snorkelling accommodation for the interested and we set off on a cruise. Every day we will do three dives except for crossing between atolls. The cruise will take a lot of time, so we'll do just two on that day. In some places we will be able to go ashore to get acquainted with the local culture, and on some we will be able to lie on white sand. On the last day we do one dive and sail to the port. We leave the boat early in the morning and head towards the city, waiting for the plane. Male does not belong to the capitals of the States in which we had the opportunity to stay before. Every piece of land is used there. Due to the high density of buildings, cars on the island are narrow. The most convenient form of transport is a scooter or a motorcycle. When waiting for a plane to Poland, if the weather is good, I recommend a 20-minute hydrofoil over the Maldives atolls. By ending the holidays this way, the trip will be stuck in our memory for many months.


1'990 USD + flight about 3'500 PLN

  • flight between Poland and Maldives-Poland
  • accommodation 7 nights on a boat
  • full board (breakfast dinner, supper)
  • mineral water, coffee, tea
  • diving as described above. About 17 dives
  • Nitrox for certified divers
  • one night dive
  • cylinder + lead
  • diving guide
  • guardian of the Polish group
  • diving insurance
  • cooling and alcoholic beverages additionally payable
  • rental of diving equipment.
  • visa fees at the airport 25 usd
  • fuel surcharge 100 USD and tourist tax 58 USD
  • tips
  • seaplane flight
400 USD / person - extra charge for the Ocean View upper cabin

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