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Extended Range (XR) known as “Advanced Nitrox” is a training for those who think about deep diving or just longer stay under the water (decompression dives). This is the first step in diver’s evaluation, where we use twinset and stage for decompression. For cave or trimix diving you need to take part in Extended Range.

On XR training you will learn proper planning of deep dives with using stages. You will learn techniques of problem solving and gas using. What is more you will master such skills like operating valves and using all equipment for deep diving.

Because of specific nature of the training and difficult skills, it is better to do it on your own equipment.  Before you sign for Extended Range training first try diving in a twinset.

Contact us! We will make our best to prepare you for this training by fitting equipment and ballast.


  • Nitrox Diver certificate and deep diver or any equal
  • 50 dives logged (minimum 30 minutes in twinset)
  • Latitude with dives in the range of 30m
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Medical statement and fulfilled Medical Form

You should prepare for your training:

  • Twinset
  • Regulators – two independent, main regulator on the long wire, back up one on the elastic rubber
  • Stage + regulator (possible to rent in Tryton)
  • Wing to your set
  • Buoy + reel
  • Two mask (one spare mask)
  • Notebook or plate for hand
  • Minimum one device for cutting
  • Dry suit
  • torch with goodman handle
  • spare torch fitted to the harness

The training consists of two theoretical sessions. You will learn more about programs and decompression algorithms. Dive planning, decompression and gas managing will be also discussed. Your instructor will discuss with you such matters like equipment configuration  and appliance in different situations.

The practical part of the training is mostly held on the shallow water of the lake.
The shallow depth doesn’t require such concentration and perfect buoyancy. Precisely done exercises, V-drill, S-drill and work with stages on shallow water will affect in later section of deeper dives.  The last dives on 42m depth in lake or on at the Baltic Sea will be an unforgettable experience. The training finishes with gaining the Extended Range SSI certificate or Advance Nitrox from IANTD federation. It up to you! This certificate entitles you to diving do maximum 42m with decompression gas 100% O2.

The training is addressed to people, who have already dive in a twinset. You doesn’t have to know all rules, you just need be aware that this training teaches you new elements, not basics of technical diving.


The training is held by Klodno lake in Chmielno. Whole 4 days starting from 9 a.m. ending 20 p.m. On Sunday there is normally a wreck diving at the Baltic Sea. The group is normally maximum 3 people.

There is also a possibility  (extra paid 300PLN) to increase your permissions to Limited Trimix during your training which will be extended by two days.

Possible training dates you will find in main menu CALENDAR under the theme Extended Range.  If proposed date doesn’t suits you, let us know! We will do our best to find a convenient date. CONTACT


  • 2'500 PLN cost of the training
  • 240 PLN certificate

The price includes:

  • Training
  • Renting stage with the regulator
  • Fulfilling the tank with air

The price doesn’t includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Cost of the dive from boat
  • Fulfilling the tank with other mixtures than air

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