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From wide range of speciality programs you can choose whatever you want.  Thanks to those programs you will increase your safety and joy from diving.
Taking part in those specialities and diving as often as it possible, you can increase your abilities to Speciality Diver level, Advanced Open Water or Master Diver. For more information click here: Recognition cards

Below you will more information about specific speciality programs. After clicking on one of the photos you will find more particular data. Specified dates of trainings and trips can be found in section CALENDAR.

If you are not sure which training to choose, see help with choosing training.


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Perfect Buoyancy

SSI Doskonała pływalność kurs nurkowania SSI

Good diver is that one who with no problem can stop under the water and hold still for a longer minute in any time and any depth. We all know that buoyancy and underwater moving techniques need a lot of our attention. Buoyancy is the basis of diving. Spend two days for practising it at the pool or lake…


Night Limited Visibility

SSI Nurkowanie nocne i przy ograniczonej widoczności

During diving at night you can see everything in totally different way. Night diving isn’t hard, although it is worth, just before your first night dive, get to know with light communication techniques and no-visibility procedures.



SSI Nawigacja kurs nurkowania SSI

Did you ever ask yourself: “How is it possible that my instructor  knows the way back on our boat?” Underwater navigation is not only proper using of a compass – it is much more…


Equipment techniques

SSI Wiedza o sprzęcie kurs nurkowania SSI

Your diving equipment is like your buddy, on whom you can always depend! You just have to take care of it. On this training you will learn many useful ways of dealing with small faults. You will also get some information about the equipment’s functioning.


Enriched air nitrox

SSI Nitrox diver kurs nurkowania SSI

This SSI training called Nitrox will expand the nitrox subject and it’s use, but also presents advantages during recreational dives. You will learn basics about mixing oxygen from 22% to 40% and how to use it in your recreational dives.  Nowadays more and more diving bases uses nitrox as standard gas for both recreational and technical dives. What is more it is also common that it is offered with no additional charges.


Deep diving

SSI Nurkowanie Głębokie kurs nurkowania SSI

The depth is that what attracts divers most. Often, just after basic training most of divers are tempted to go deeper and deeper... Till 18 meters you can see a lot of interesting underwater places, but there is much more till 30m. Deep diver certificate is now required for most our diving trips. Sign for training and extend your limits!!



SSI Stres i ratownictwo kurs nurkowania SSI

Diving will be much more safe, when we will know what to do when the accident happens. On the stress and rescue training you will familiarise with procedures during the accident and how to prevent it. Warning! The training consists of 4 main chapters. Each of it ends with getting the certificate.


Wreck diving

SSI Nurkowanie na Wrakach kurs nurkowania SSI

Gdansk Bay and the Baltic Sea is filled with wrecks. Most of them is lying very deep, but there still some possible for diving. Wreck diving needs special equipment like reel, decompression buoy. Explore and experience more! Go wreck diving!


Dry suit diving

SSI Suchy Skafander kurs nurkowania SSI

Nowadays dry suit is as commonly use as wet suit. For those who want to extend diving season it is a perfect possibility! Dry suit is not only use for diving in cold water. Divers appreciate it’s advantages, being isolated from water and for much higher mobility.



Diving workshops explain how to dive in a twinset and are addressed for those who are just before their first technical training and want to learn how to dive in a twinset. Workshops are dedicated correct balance and basic technical diving skills.


Ice diving

SSI Nurkowanie Podlodowe kurs nurkowania SSI

During winter time, access to water is much more limited. Most of the lakes is covered by thick ice. Diving without special training can be very dangerous! Familiarise with safety procedures using lines and ice crew propellers. Never go ice diving without proper training!


Science of diving

SSI: Science of Diving kurs nurkowania SSI

SCIENCE OF DIVING program has been created for those, who want to learn more about underwater phenomenon. On this training you will deepen the knowledge of psychopathology of diving and decompression models



SSI: Poszukiwanie i wydobywanie kurs nurkowania SSI

Have you ever drop something into to water? Look for some lost treasure? Search and recovery training explains how to find objects under the water and ways of its extraction.



SSI: Podwodna fotografia cyfrowa kurs nurkowania SSI

„In Times when Diving was difficult, the same was with taking underwater photos”. Nowadays the times has changed. Diving is much more accessible, the same with photography. Of course still, to take a good shot, your knowledge and skills are needed.



SSI: Kurs nurkowania w konfiguracji z bocznymi butlami

Training with side bottles (sidemount) will let you to increase your abilities under the water. What is more, logistics is much more simple. Sidemount configuration is extremely convenient and what is more important, relieves diver’s spine!



SSI: React Right szkolenia w pierwszej pomocy

REACT RIGHT is a first aid training program used in emergency , developed by SSI. You will master such abilities like: first aid, CPR, AED and oxygen providing in emergencies. What is more you will learn how to react and evaluate right.


Scooter DPV Diving

SSI: Scooter DPV Diving nauka nurkowania na skuterze nurkowym

Diving with a scooter can be a great fun everyone. But to start your journey you should learn some essential skills, like deposing, towing scooter. Also recreational and technical diving in different conditions.


Cavern Diving

SSI Cavern Diving kurs nurkowy SSI

Statistics shows, that a lot of diving accidents takes place in environment with limited space. Explore threats and ways of managing your dive!


Gas Blender

SSI: Gas Blender szkolenie mieszania i przygotowywania gazów nurkowych

Gas blender training presents ways of mixing gases, which can be useful during self-fulfilling diving tanks.


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