Diving Base in CHMIELNO

From 2000 year we have our own diving base situated by the Klodno lake in Chmielno. If you have free time come, visit and dive with us! The diving fee - 5 PLN will be designated for maintenance our underwater fun park :)

Diving Resort Location

Klodno Lake, Krefta Resort in Chmielno

Rules of the entrance to the resort and diving

Diving fee for the whole day of diving is 5 PLN. The total cost is intended for maintenance under water park and official fees. We kindly ask for observing the fees no matter from what shore you are entering the water or which day of the week are you diving. The diving fee can be paid in our diving base. The place of entering the lake is situated in front of the middle platform. Between the resort Bachus platform and the big Krefta resort platform. The people diving from BACHUS and KREFTA resorts need to pay 5 PLN for one day of diving. Although we are not always in our diving base we count on your honesty.


How far can i go by car the diving spot ?

To go to the Klodno lake use the map below. The closest place to enter the water is by Krefta or Bachus resort. Our diving base is situated in Krefta resort. You will find there wide diving benches, possibility of fulfilling the tanks and equipment renting. To get close to the water, first go to the reception and take the key to the gate. The entrance cost is 10 PLN per auto, those who have accommodation at the resort have free entrance. If reception is closed call +48 607154033 or +48601681230 -  www.krefta.pl Beyond the season always confirm the opening hours. There is always a possibility to use Bachus resort entrance. If there will be any problems call +48 606 677 966 - www.kaszuby-domki.pl and remember that beyond the season always confirm the opening hours. If you want to ask about renting equipment etc. call +48 507110876 or +48507110875


Diving base opening hours.

Krefta and Bachus resorts are mainly open for the whole summer season, so entrance to the lake should not be restricted. The problems may occur during winter time. Planning the time of arrival chose such hours like 9 o’clock. Closing hours are very flexible J Possibility of renting equipment and fulfilling the tanks – at weekends and holidays. Call us and confirm before coming.  +48507110876 or +48507110875


Organised groups and trainings

Organised groups and instructors coming with their participants are kindly welcome. There are some lecture halls and other places to conduct the theoretical training or briefing. There is also a possibility to rent a grill and use a fireplace. Just contact us!

Underwater Plan

The underwater construction was built in 2000 year. From time to time we add some other constructions to increase attractiveness and fun from diving in Klodno lake. The whole construction is on 6-7 m depth. Each of its element is connected by line and on platforms there are maps showing your position.

Podwodny tor

What is more we have observed that thanks to those underwater constructions many species of fishes can be observed there. Thanks to our efforts the area is attractive both for divers and for anglers.

Until this moment we manage to sink 6 platforms used mostly for training, caisson having a diameter of 5m, bus, a tunnel from pallets. Because of safety measures each tunnel has an open passage every 2 meters. We have a lot of ideas and there will much more underwater structures! J For deeper dives we go by our diving boat. There are also platforms on 18 and 30 m.

Check out this map and see what we have prepared for you.

Show the whole map

Accomodation and alimentation

Krefta resort

Resort situated just next to the diving base. Click and learn more...


Bachus resort

Resort close to our diving base. Click and get more information


"Tamowa" house

House situated about 300m from our diving base, on hill with no entrance to the lake. Click...



Camping and holiday houses with entrance to the lake, about 150m from our diving base. Click.....


Sloneczne Wzgórze

Recommended location in the centre of Chmielno city. About 2,5 km away from our diving base. Click....


Dive Training

Our diving base is an official place for all diving trainings both recreational and technical.

There are many lecture halls where you can conduct diving trainings. Comfortable benches will be useful during equipment preparation. The distance to the lake is only 20m. Most of underwater elements is on 6-7m depth. For deeper dives we go by our diving boat. In the middle of the lake there two platforms on 18m and 30m depth. The whole structure is connected by guide lines. Learning how to dive is much more pleasant thanks to underwater  facilities. Click the link below and check out our offer.

Have fun!


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