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Open Water Diver course is a first step in diver’s education.
On the OWD training you will learn safety diving procedures and you will get to know how to move under the water till 18 m depth. This training is essential and after it you will be possible to expand your abilities by taking part in courses such: deep diving, navigation, wreck and many others.
The training is prepared in a very clear and obvious way.

Our Diving Centre conducts trainings in all reputable diving organisations like: SSI, PADI, CMAS and IANTD. It is your decision in which organisation you would like to have the certificate.

To dive you need to be healthy. Click and download some information about diver’s health. If you need any additional information about health before diving – just call us! We are happy to answer any question. Before the training look through Download File  and get to know with health requirements. Taking care of your safety and a constant need for practise, OWD trainings in our Diving Centre are one day longer than those conducted in other diving centres in Tricity.

Instead of 4, you will make 6 dives with instructor!! That is why our students after passing the final exam are safe and conscious divers.

The Open Water Diver training consists of three main parts. Theoretical one, pool and open water training. The training can be conducted in weekend version, individual or in a group version maximum till 6 persons. There is also a possibility to divide the training into two parts (for example when open water training we would like to pass somewhere on vacation).

More information about OWD training you will find in general information Please Click...

Standard, one week OWD training is conducted late afternoon, starting from theoretical classes in Gdansk-Wrzeszcz. To prepare good use a mobile manual. You can download it for free!

Multimedia manual is suitable for electronic devices. More information about it you will find here ... OWD Manual for free.

The pool part is mostly held at the swimming pool situated in Gdansk. For organised groups there is a possibility to organise most of the pools in our neighbourhood.

The open water sessions are held in Chmielno by the Klodno lake. This is the ideal place to learn diving! All elements, underwater platforms for practise are all connected to avoid problems with navigation. The area where the training is taking place is maximum 6 m deep. For deeper dives we use special diving boat. More about our base in Chmielno you will find here DIVING BASE.

Standard plan for OWD training is 4 afternoon classes and 3 whole days by the lake.

Monday 18.00 o’clock
Lectures in Tryton about 3 hours
Tuesday 18.00 o’clock
pool sessions till 20.30 o’clock
Wednesday 18.00 o’clock
pool sessions  till 20.30 o’clock
Saturday start 9.00 o’clock
Training by the lake: the whole day, 2 dives and theory, in the evening  bonfire and guitar singing
Sunday start 9.00 o’clock, end about 17.00 o’clock
Training by the lake: the whole day, 3 dives and graduation

Possible training dates and plan you will find in main menu CALENDAR under the word OWD  or you can use register option below…

If the proposed date doesn’t suits you – write to us! We will do our best to adjust it to your plans and we ensure you individual training. CONTACT


  • Minimum age of 10 years, maximum doesn’t exists J
  • Basic swimming skills (are you able to swim 6 pools no matter what technique?)
  • no medical contra identifications for diving, check out our form Please Click...
  • 1 photo
  • Basic swimming equipment: mask, fins, snorkel (available to buy in our dining centre)
  • Price: 2'300 PLN, possible to pay in instalments
  • Sign for the training using calendar CALENDAR , in main menu

The price includes:

  • Complete diving equipment for the whole training (exept: mask, fins, snorkel)
  • Theoretical training
  • Pool sessions
  • Open water sessions
  • Access to multimedia book for OWD training
  • Paper diving logbook
  • Access to multimedia logbook for tablet or smartphone
  • Certificate in plactic version
  • Multimedia certificate
  • Instructor’s supervision

The price does not includes:

  • Accommodation and alimentation in Chmielno (; distance from Tricity just 45 km
  • Transport to the swimming pool and lake (but if you need a ride, let us know)
  • On your training you will get access to multimedia book for computer, tablet or smartphone. If you want to have paper version it is 50 PLN pay extra.

After receiving confirmation of taking part in training, please pay 300 PLN advance. Then you will receive your logbook and access to multimedia OWD book. You can prepare yourself better for training and diving.

After becoming an Open Water Diver you can still improve your abilities by specialized training like deep, wreck, navigation diving or many others. The Open Water Course is just a beginning of your adventure with diving. More about specialized trainings you will find here SPECIALITY PROGRAMS

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