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SSI Freediving Pool - Freediving training which takes place in the pool and in open water. With the end of the SSI Freediving Pool training you will learn the physics and physiology of breath-hold diving, you will learn the correct techniques and skills for independent and safe training in the pool and open water up to 5 meters. You will learn how to choose and use freediving equipment. An integral part of the course is the development of safe and proper apnea diving techniques, rescue and first aid techniques, the use of additional devices and the proper organization of freediving session.

The course consists of:

- Theoretical classes in the club ( SSI Freediving history, physics and physiology of freediving, planning and organization of apnea diving, safety in freediving)

-  Practise in the club ( Stretching, relaxation and warm-up )

- Practise in the pool ( Diving and swimming technique, rescue and help with  BO and  LMC, classes in statics (STA) and dynamic (DYN)). 

Requirements for students: 

-  Minimal age: 12 .

- Ability to swim

- One picture

- Equipment: mask, snorkel , fins


- Recommended duration (hours) of training: 12-14

    •    2 theory sessions

    •    1 dynamic apnea session

    •    1 static apnea session

Passing the course:

- Dynamic swimming with double fins over a distance of 30 meters

- Swimming using only hands at a distance of 15 meters.

-  Removing the mask, going to the surface without a mask 

- Passing the final Freediving Level 1 exam with a score of 80%.

- If the Pool is not completed, the student will receive the FREEDIVING BASIC certificate  

After successful completion of the course:

International SSI Freediving Pool certificate

People with a Freediving Pool license can dive on their own with an equally or better trained partner up to a depth of 5 meters. Possibility to continue SSI Level 1, 2 or 3 freediving training

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